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  3. slightly tweaked

  5. initial sketch for a request!

  6. for this nerd

  8. preview

  9. Banner for a run on the Nuzlocke Forums.

  10. Casey from Washi’s Wonderwall. It’s a great written Nuzlocke run, told from the point of view of the starter Pikachu. Great run, check it out!

  11. Cassandra, one of the characters from DevilofDarkness’ Blood Wish. Her Nuzlocke run is great and everyone should read it ok

  12. test thing

  14. This team leader is a HUGE DORK

  15. hello am I late for witchweek

    So this gal here is a lover of astronomy and all things related. She’s also a shapeshifter who loves to transform at unpredictable times just to freak people out. Because she’s a butt.

    Her other pasttime is flying around on her broom to take a closer look at the sky and stars.